Prism Jewels

Jennifer Biddle owns and operates Prism Jewels, an independent jewelry company, in her home in Oakland. Her designs are inspired by her Maui and New Mexico upbringing, along with her background in architectural history. Geometry, structure and raw stones figure prominently in her delightfully lightweight and beautifully handcrafted designs. 

Oakland, California


Prism Himmeli Earrings

Although the root of the word “himmeli” is Germanic – in Swedish and German himmel means “sky” or “heaven” – and different versions of this tube or straw mobile can be found in other Nordic countries, the himmeli is considered the quintessential traditional Finnish decoration. 

Add serious wow factor to your look with these gorgeous geometric earrings. Surprisingly lightweight, they are made from woven brass tubes. Nickel-free Brass Clasp ear wires to keep them secure, gold fill ear wires are available, +$5.

The raw brass will patina over time, adding depth and beauty to the metal. To brighten it up, put a q-tip into lemon and rub the surface of the metal. For a bright polish, use a product like Brasso. 



Eldorado Earrings

Arrow and all seeing eye motif in handmade hammered brass. Gorgeous, long shoulder dusters. Brass or Gold Fill Ear Wires with Clasp 3.5" drop



Turquoise Staple Earrings

14k Gold Filled Or Sterling Silver open rectangle hoop with a dainty line of organic natural turquoise beads and handmade brass beads.