Juniper Ridge

Bring the fragrance of the Holidays home with Christmas Fir products from Juniper Ridge. We work with the US Forest Service, private landowners and tree farms to put real Christmas Trees in our bottles! The ingredients for our products are grown by nature on the West Coast, sustainably harvested and lovingly distilled by Juniper Ridge in our Oakland workshop. All our products are plant based and free of harmful synthetics. Bring Nature Home.

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Oakland, California


Christmas Fir Trail Soap

The world’s premier wildharvested, organic liquid soap, good for your whole person. Draw a leaf on your hand in the shower and experience the deep and evocative tones of these Christmas Tree Forests.

Made with one fragrance ingredient, a formula of wildharvested Cedar, Fir and Pine from from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Christmas Fir Trail Soap presents a seasonal evocation, free of synthetic perfumes.

Scented with only wild plant-based aromatics that we’ve extracted using a variety of heritage, perfume making techniques, the experience this soap invites you to is a deep interaction with nature. It will transform your shower, conjuring grand images of forests climbing the slopes of steep volcanoes, rising into wildflower meadows above the clouds and beneath ice-age glaciers. This all-purpose, organic shower gel is indeed, a Christmas tree in a bottle.



Christmas Fir Essential Oil

With our Christmas Fir Essential Oil, we have distilled and bottled the fragrance of the holidays. Pour a few drops of this EO in a diffuser, a bath or shower, and you are immediately transported to the snow dusted conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to using sustainably harvested wild trees, we work with Christmas tree farms to buy their unsold trees. This ensures that trees that would otherwise be thrown out are given a second life as essential oil. After the distillation process, the plant matter is dried and used by local landscaping companies for mulch.

Available for a limited time.



Christmas Fir Incense

No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume.

Incense for people who enjoy sitting around the campfire. Go there.