Jacob's Musical Chimes

Musician and musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been creating his unique brand of perfectly tuned wind chimes for over 35 years. From the small and whimsical "Car Charm" (center) which plays music as you drive, to the relaxing and sonorous "Waterfall" (top), to the calming and playful Desk Chime (bottom), Jacob's chimes are among the best in the world. Available locally at Fern's Garden on Solano Ave. 

Berkeley, CA


Musical Waterfall Windchime

The Waterfall wind chime has nine steel pipes that combine to create a playful, waterfall effect. These magically beautiful sounding traditional windchimes are hand tuned and assembled with only the finest weatherproof materials. The pipes and other metal parts are finished with a rich baked on copper/black coating. Strung with stainless steel wire from a weather resistant wood top.



Musical Car Charm

Our inspiring word "Be the Change" car chimes will soothe and relax as you navigate through the busy highways of life. Chime maker Jacob Sokoloff hand tunes these car chimes to produce a musical sound guaranteed to make you smile. The Inspiring Words Musical Car Charm series features three perfectly tuned pipes hanging from a cast metal piece. The cast metal is etched on both sides and finished in antique brass. The cute packaging makes it a perfect gift. Hang it from your rear view mirror, spice cupboard knob, ceiling fan pull, or use as a holiday ornament! The Car Charm comes packaged attached to a cute little cardboard "Beetle" and wrapped in a poly bag — it's the ideal gift! 



Musical Desk Chime

Take a break from your busy day to create your own meditation music with these tuned chimes. The decorative Desk Chime can be strummed by hand or played with the included wooden baton to create a pure toned, rippling effect. Relax! Eight hand tuned solid aluminum pipes, finished in a rich baked on copper/black coating, hang from a carved oak stand.